Character Analysis: Sherman Butler

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My character is Sherman Butler. He believes that the government should be very strong and play a huge role in the people's lives, only if they can protect his state's interests. He has chosen that he wants a strong government for various reasons. One reason is that, he has over 80 slaves working for him. If the people cannot have a say against slavery, the government won't do anything differently about the situation and Sherman can keep his slaves. Another reason is that, he invested most of his money into large plantations. He wants to make sure that his mom money investments are worth it. With the government in more control, they can make sure that nothing can be completely changed. What is important to his state is that they hope the continued existence of slavery, no taxes…show more content…
However, he might oppose the idea of taxing for imports and exports. He wants the States to be denied by the power. He believes that the power should not be in the people's hands and they should not have the right to do various things for themselves. For example, he doesn't want individual states to negotiate treaties with foreign nations nor does he want them to coin their own money. The executive branch should have a bunch of the power. The people can have a say with who should be chosen for the second of branch and the legislative branch but they want the government to have a lot of the control. The judicial branch they want only the government to choose them as they should. They should have the power to determine the laws and apply them to add necessary situations. With the ratification of the Constitution the government will decide that. The people can have some say and they can have a vote. However he is deciding that he wants a strong government so there's obviously going to be a lot more involvement with the government rather than the people. Some compromises my character may make our ideas like keeping slavery and limiting
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