Character Analysis: Slide The Corner

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Greg 's life changes when he takes control. At the beginning of Slide the Corner Greg is unhappy, lonely and believes that he 's dumb. Gregs life changes when he takes control. by the end of the novel Greg is happy, has lots of friends and is confident. The key message and what we can take away from this novel is that when you take control of your life you will see better outcomes. Greg 's a lost, lonely, unhappy person at the start of Slide the corner. Greg lives in a tough household with high expectations from his parents. This is due to his bright siblings. Greg isn 't very smart and his dad calls him thick as crude oil. Which knocked down Greg 's confidence. Greg doesn 't have any hobbies and struggles to make friends this results in him…show more content…
Greg 's life starts to change when he takes control. Greg didn 't make any of his own decisions. he let his parents and as a result, didn 't enjoy life. the first big change was when Greg went to school and changed maths which his parents had wanted him to do, to auto mechanic Engineering. He stood up to his parents which was a big step forward for Greg as we hadn 't seen this before.This is the first change and the start of us and Greg taking control. When Greg was introduced to rally car driving this was the first thing Greg enjoy it and was good at. Rally car driving changed Greg for the good. Greg’s change has had a massive impact on his life. Greg is now happy, has lots of friends and has something that interests him. Rally car driving has changed Greg significantly. Meeting Brad and Holly played a massive part and Greg change. Greg taking control has moved him from sitting in the backseat to getting into the front seat where he wasn 't just taking control of the wheel but his life. Taking control of your life will result in a happier future. As teenagers we sometimes forget the importance of our parents opinion. So not letting them make you you, but giving them a say letting them have their opinion on what they think, as they are older than us. So we could take a lot away from this novel. Most importantly not letting people drive your life, but you driving
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