Character Analysis: Stargirl

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Be yourself! That is what I learned when I read the story Stargirl after comprehending the theme of staying true to oneself. In the novel Stargirl, the main character Stargirl came to Mica Area High School as a person whose personality was different from everyone else's. She refused to conform with the rest of her peers, which completely inspired me to not hide my true self at school. After reading this story, it seemed better for not only Stargirl but also the rest of the people in her life for Stargirl to remain true to herself and stay different. It would be better for Stargirl to stay true to herself because it made her happier. In the story, Stargirl is introduced as a blithely student who seemed different from the rest of her conformed…show more content…
In one part of the story, Leo stayed up at night thinking of Stargirl because he had a crush on her. “Her voice came through the night, from the light, from the stars.” (Spinelli, page 74) Another piece of evidence reveals that Leo was deeply in love with Stargirl because she was a new soul to him unlike the other girls in school. “She stood at my shoulder and looked down at me, smiling and singing, and I didn't know whether to look down at my hands or up at her face, so I did some of each. My face was burning… ‘Why him?’ Stargirl tilted her head, as if studying me. She grinned mischievously. She tugged on my earlobe and said, ‘He's cute.’ And walked off. I was feeling nine ways at once, and they all ended up at the touch of her hand on my ear.” (Spinelli, page 21 ) My evidence proves my point because the quotes tells us that Leo was in love with Stargirl when she chose the unconformity route. If Stargirl and Leo didn’t like each other, Stargirl would have conformed and wouldn’t change back to her old
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