Character Analysis: Sunshine By Anne Billson

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Analytical Essay

People have always been more reserved, nearly passive aggressive and easily pestered by the smallest of things whilst under pressure in arriving at a destination, completing a task and experiencing other events that would bring forth that element of stress. Author Anne Billson leans toward and seemingly brings forth a demonstration of that specific behavior in her short story “Sunshine”. As the world turns, we find ourselves struggling to carry out the large pile of tasks bestowed upon us all throughout our lives, which always somehow seems to grow larger no matter how many of those tasks we rid of. After reading “Sunshine” you come to recognize the multiple signs of that specific character and behavior within people,
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Our character ponders over committing the act and she does agree with herself that she will go through with it to some degree, but it turns out that the whole thing was a joke and unrealistic request of Charlie (or at least he makes it seem that way) and we are left off with the thought that the remaining women continue to compete in order to win Charlie for themselves.
Concluding and ending off with all this information, the short story could be enjoyable for the reader for its message, multiple themes and the daring acts that the characters of the story request and follow through with. Overall it can be appreciated, and the traits of characters and behavior of the Londoners especially can be recognizable amongst modern society to a certain extent.
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