Character Analysis: Thanksgiving In Polynesia

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Thanksgiving in Polynesia
Prestyn Guenther

“My mom especially dislikes my aunt Rhea. She is rich and snobby and makes my mom and dad and my older brother, Jason, and me feel terrible” (Haven 16). This quote is from the story, Thanksgiving in Polynesia. The mom Sara has her family, aunt Rhea, uncle Ted, and their daughter Andrea visiting for thanksgiving but she is not very fond with them. Sara is fed up because she is annoyed, frustrated, and mad with aunt Rhea, uncle Ted, and their daughter Andrea.
Sara is very annoyed by her family because they always brag about themselves and talk about what they do right and Sara’s family does wrong. In the text Sara says, “ Personally I’ve had enough.” This show that Sara has had enough of them. Also,
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