Character Analysis: The Bath By Raymond Carver

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“The Bath” Even though it was my first time to encounter the works of Raymond Carver, I was very impressed with one of his stories called “The Bath”. I think that he raised very deep questions in this story. The first time I read it I was very intrigued about the final, since the plot does not look very simple. The aim of this paper is make an analysis of the story “The Bath” written by Raymond Carver and to try to answer the questions posed in the assignment task. 1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about? Despite the title of this story is “The Bath”, it is about a family of three; a father, mother, and a son (Carver, 1989). Carver describes a scene at first where the mother makes arrangements for a birthday cake. During this time we also get to know they boys name which is Scotty. The story then tells us that Scotty gets into an accident, but does not appear to get harmed and later meets up with his mother at home. It then continues with letting us know that the boy is at the hospital and that the father is taking a break and went home…show more content…
One of the most striking things about the beginning of the story is that it becomes clear to the reader that Carver may be exploring the theme of communication. This story starts with the scene where Ann Weiss (mother) is in a baker’s shop ordering a cake for her son Scotty’s birthday, at the same time Scotty had a car incident which resulted in coma later on. Throughout the story each of Scotty’s parents spends some time at home while another one is in the hospital and in these parts the author shows internal and external conflicts. External conflicts would include the baker ringing the Weiss household. He wants his money. Though it may appear that the baker is acting selfishly, looking for the money, the reader must realize that the baker is unaware that Scotty has had an

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