Character Analysis: The Boondocks

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The Setting
The television show that I will be analyzing is the Boondocks. The Boondocks is an adult cartoon. The show focuses on an African American family named the Freemans. The family consists of a grandfather named Robert Freeman and his two minor grandson’s Huey and Riley Freeman.
Huey and Riley received an inheritance due to their parent’s death. The death of the Freemans’ parents are not discussed within the show; all that is known to the viewers are the children are now living with their grandfather. The Freemans are originally from a predominately black community in Chicago Illinois. The family currently resides in the Elite suburbs of Woodcrest.
Mr. Freeman, the grandfather of Huey and Riley, used the boys’ inheritance to
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I will also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge Huey’s distorted views and ideas of the world.
It is important that the Freeman family triangles are dismantle. My goal in working with the Freeman family “as the Therapist would be to remain relatively differentiated from the two most important family members”. (Bowen 1978 p. 530) It is also important that Granddad takes on a more parenting role with his grandchildren and allows Huey to be a child.
I will be using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Huey because he has distorted thoughts. He thinks the whole world is out to get him. His views of the world are very dark. He has distrust for white people, evening though there is evidence within the show that White people have been a great support to him and his family. It is important that Huey test whether the evidence he present regarding white people is real. It is also important for Huey to learn breathing techniques to have him calm down when he because annoyed by his brother or grandfather’s silly and ignorant
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