Character Analysis: The Breakfast Club

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“Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.” This quote was spoken by John Bender the criminal in The Breakfast Club, and it shows how each character's life will never be perfect no matter how hard each one tries. In The Breakfast Club, the main groups of people are the jocks, prom queen, nerd, outcast and, the criminal;, these groups are not always who people think they are, depending on the background of their lives. Each high school has these groups in some way or another. These children and teenagers are classified into these groups because of their behavior and habits. Each group as their own background and reasoning but for the true personality of a person is hidden deep in their lives that become exposed in The Breakfast Club.
In high school there is always the popular group that everyone wants to be like. In the movie The Breakfast
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Brian in The Breakfast Club was in the stereotypical nerd cliqueclick. He was pushed around in the beginning of the story by John. He always wanted to fit in so that is why in the movie he always made comments to the principal to make him look tough or lied so John would not get in trouble. Brian is a huge character in the movie, as he brings so much meaning to why you should not stereotype and judge people before you get to know them. Nobody understood why he wanted to always get the best grades,; he told them about how strict his mom was with his grades and anything below an “A” he felt like a failure. Towards the end of the movie he was able to share his story of why him of all people was in saturday detention. Briain confessed that he was failing shop class;, he only took this class because he believed it would be an easy “A” to boost his gpa. He felt so defeated that he brought a flare gun to school. The peer group saw how much Brian has to go through and it just shows that everyone has a hard life and not everyone is who people view them
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