Character Analysis: The Bronze Bow

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“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger:” (Proverbs 5:1). Anger is not always the answer to our problems. In the book, The Bronze Bow, the vengeful boy, Daniel Bar Jamin, disregarded this knowledge, and by doing so caused massive harm. Daniel and his demon possessed Sister Leah, lived in a small house with only each other for company. Leah had never proven able to accomplish regular household tasks and feared everything. However now, with Daniels return, she slowly increased both her health and her abilities. While spending much time in her beloved garden, she met a Roman soldier named Marcus. Whenever Daniel went away on a journey, Marcus came and kept Leah company outside the garden wall. Now, after keeping
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Daniel’s decision to lose his temper with Leah resulted as an irrational and indiscreet decision. Daniel failed to recognize the help Marcus provide and the excitement Leah contained and because of this caused Leah’s health to immediately and critically plummet. In Daniels great rage and confusion, he lacked the sense to realize how much Marcus helped Leah. During any of Daniels numerous absences Marcus came and entertained Leah with stories of his family and siblings. She greatly enjoyed hearing about children with golden hair just like hers and about the life of someone other than Daniel or her friend Thacia. Because of the demons that controlled her, Leah constantly feared people and the world around her. However, Marcus’s continual visits to the garden wall helped to lessen her fear and distrust. Along with stories and comfort, Marcus also brought gifts. At one time he presented a basket of the finest fruit one might find to his young friend. She adored and admired the fruit and treasured it with all her heart. By allowing his anger to boil over, Daniel overlooked the great amount of assistance Marcus constantly…show more content…
He failed to observe the help, excitement, and joy Marcus gave and in doing so risked Leah’s life and love. Marcus caused no true danger for Leah by remaining outside the home. She loved him and he returned her love. Daniel acted foolishly, thought cruelly, and planned angrily. His craving for vengeance and revenge stood in the way of his love for his sister and clouded his thoughts with hate for Marcus. He brought unnecessary fear and sorrow to Leah’s life, leaving an emotional scar, and he felt immense shame for it. Daniel’s short temper proved that consequences always follow harsh wrath. People with short tempers observe in this situation the true harm of anger and can learn from Daniel’s mistake. Daniel’s harsh words and violent actions stirred up much anger and fear and left an emotional scar never to
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