Character Analysis: The Butcher Boys

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The Butcher Boys (1985-1986) is a sculptural installation of three half-human creatures sitting in a row made out of plaster, oil paint, animal bones, horn and wood and the three figures sits heavily on a wooden bench as can be seen in figure 1. These figures sometimes called humanoids or hominids, are made using body casts and have deep and open wounds of flesh peeled back at their spines which exposes the vertebra bones. The Butcher Boys’ (Figure 1) personalities can be seen through their posture, one leans back nervously while the second one leans in aggressively and the third one is the most frightful, sitting cross-legged and looking bored at the whole situation as if it is normal. They are deformed human bodies with lumps of flesh hanging sluggish between their legs as seen on figure 1, which blends their sex making it sterile. It also seems as if their spinal cords have had some sort of cruel surgery. These figures’ heads are replaced with doglike heads with large broken horns, the mouth area and nose is lumpish with skin which folds over it and there is just dark holes where the ears are supposed to be. The eyes are large, black and beady staring blankly. They look sick due to the greyish color they are painted. Their chests are also slit from the throat to the navel. These figures may seem more real than most people on the street even though the look animal like they still seem more honest about what is going on than the people on the streets wearing masks hiding

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