Character Analysis: The Chocolate War

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“Human nature is two things; greedy and cruel” In the novel The Chocolate war, one of the antagonists named Archie Costello has quoted this statement. This quote was referred to characters in the book, but it can also be talking about people in the real life. Because of what goes on in the modern day, greedy and cruel are just some words to describe the natural behavior of human beings. First off, in The Chocolate War, the whole purpose of the chocolate fundraiser was to raise money for the Trinity high school. While the fundraiser goes on, the first few days everyone seems to not actually care about it. While the fundraiser starts to progress, more and more students get the urge to sell more chocolates because of the feeling of greed. In the real world, people can act like this as well, especially in the U.S. government. While this does not exclusively happen to the government, most people feel the need to make more money because they feel like money gives them power. Some people who have more money or are upper class tend to have more of an attitude towards minorities and lower class, and they act very…show more content…
While not everyone shares this character trait, a majority of people do in fact fit in this category. People all over the world are making different organizations to target a specific group of minorities. Some of these organizations are still a huge threat to this day. For an example, an organization that targets any innocent civilian, ISIS, do not have any reason to cause harm. They have done many different terroristic acts; The attacks on Brussels, Pulse, Paris, Berlin, and many other attacks are just examples on how people can be cruel. While people can be cruel in their own way, this cruelty can influence others to be this way, which is why it is a huge problem to this

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