Character Analysis: The Compound

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Rex said, “That was merely a matter of seeing how far you would all go to survive” (Bodeen 171). The Compound by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, demonstrates the hardships of conflict between family. In this-award winning novel, Rex’s actions leads to conflict after conflict during the duration of the novel. One event such as this was the time when he cloned new sons and daughters and planned to feed them to the older members of the family when they eventually run out of food. A second event such as this was the time when Eli confronted his father about his deception. Another, such as this was the time when Rex tried to keep the family from escaping the compound towards the end of the novel, by any means necessary, even when the family disagreed with his morals. Rex is a megalomaniac, and his society sees his ethical implications as absurd and immoral. Rex cloned new sons and daughters, and planned to use them as food for the other family members. He called them Supplements, created him as a last resort for food for his existing family, when they inevitably run out of food. Rex views this as a revolutionary way to deal with their food shortage. However, it just so happens that the rest of the family grew attached to the supplements, they see this as…show more content…
From his perspective, keeping them locked up was for the best and to show the world that they could survive. Rex’s family saw his moral decision as very irrational, and outrageous. Consequently, his decision made from his twisted morals was the cause of the families suffering. Which is why the other family members tend to have a feeling of resentment towards him. Rex said, “That was merely a matter of seeing how far you would all go to survive” (Bodeen 171). Rex’s states that he did it to save his family from the world, but really it was just a game to him. Rex’s contorted morals, drove his family away and consequently led to his supposed

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