Character Analysis: The Craft In Speak

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The craft in Speak focuses on the perspective of the story and the words that the author chooses to utilize. From Melinda’s perspective, the reader is capable of seeing her “side of the story”, which adds a much needed depth to her character. Because of this insight, the reader can make connections to the text that help develop emotions amongst the various characters. A prime example of perspective in the story occurred when Melinda described herself as having two people in her head; One who is carefree and the other who is paranoid. “If I kick both of them out of my head, who would be left?”. If the author had chosen to write from another character’s perspective, the reader would not have understood the full effect that the party had affected…show more content…
Another example would be in the middle of the book where Melinda describes over-analyzing a book called The Scarlet Letter as “tearing it up and chewing on its bones”. Word choice and figurative language are also used to paint a better picture of the tone of the story. Instead of describing Melinda’s parents as simply mad at one another, Laurie Anderson used the phrases “Mount Dad, long dormant, now considered” and “Mount Saint Mom,oozing lava, spitting flame” to show the high degree of anger her parents had towards each other and to Melinda herself. When students at Merryweather High School ask her questions, whether directly or behind her back, the author always adds an element of suspicion and hostility to them. Imagery and making inferences was also a method that the author used to further the plot of the story. When Melinda used a paper clip to “Draw little window cracks of blood”, the reader gains a very vivid sense of the pain she must have been going through internally to inflict such physical pain onto herself. After being asked to hang out at David’s house and declining, Melinda reveals her thoughts about the situation to the

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