Character Analysis: The Crucible Accusations

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The Crucible Accusations The trials held for the Salem witchcraft really fair? Did John proctor really deserve to be hung for what went down? John proctor is maybe has not made the best of choices in his life such as not going to church every week, committing adultery, and attending to his field on a sunday but he did not comment witchery . He brought a petition before the court to save his poor innocent wife but it doesn't work. Instead it gets worse and all 91 people who signed it now are being brought in for hearings to make sure they are clean from all dealings with the devil. Desperatly He tries to defend his word by saying to ask his wife if he had committed adultery but, she said no trying to save him and protect his honor. Arter she says no she tries to make it right and tell the truth but judge danforth wouldn't have any of this so he sent her back to her jail cell. Why…show more content…
Abigail claims she sees John descending upon her as an evil spirit. Remember the last time this happened it was toward elizabeth and she finally gave in because she knew Abigail was in power and there was no stopping her, so she gave in and said she had relations with the devil to save herself from being hung in the street. John wouldn't give in because she was lying and it would only prove abigail was “right”. John decided to spare himself for all of the others so danforth brought him in. After John signed the paper Danforth eager to have the paper but John doesn’t want to give in because not only are they going to take his life away from them but they want to take his name away from him. He has 2 and another on the way. He is also about to widow his wife and orphan his soon to be 3 kids. Why can’t Danforth just take his word? It's because he needs to have proof for the people, because he is so stubborn and prideful that he needs to prove all of the critics out there he was right, even though he
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