Character Analysis: The Cuckoo's Calling

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The Envious Envy, is the desire to want something that someone else already has. Envy can cause one to go mad, and do something regrettable. Throughout the novel The Cuckoo’s Calling there was one character in particular who was very envious. The Cuckoo’s calling is a novel originally written by J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter series whom chose to be known as Robert Galbraith because she worried her readers would compare it to the Harry Potter series, and expect to much of her. This novel takes place in London during the year of 2013. The Cuckoo’s Calling is a fictional novel that revolves around mystery. Mr. Bristow hired a private detective to investigate the suicide of the famous model. The detective Cormoran Strike came to a conclusion that envy was the motive of the case. John Bristow, and Cormoran Strike are two major characters throughout this book. John B., a very awkward, weird, pansy , and a jealous kind of a man. John’s going through a lot in life as of right now, he lost both his brother and father, his mother is on her death bed, and now lost his sister. John also asks lots of questions and has a very opinionated out spoken voice. John even questions the law enforcers such as Cormoran Strike also known as Strike. Strike takes a big part in this book, he is …show more content…

For instance, John Bristow killed Lula Landry because he envied all that she was and had. John not only killed Lula, but Rochelle and his brother when they were younger as well. The author uses each character to incorporate a theme. The author used John the most with him always questioning, and wanting to find out who did it. The author also used John to show how much he envied. The author did this by showing how crazy it made him and by telling the reader how far he let it push himself. Which is to the point he killed not only one but three people in his

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