Character Analysis: The Curse Of Capistrano

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The Curse of Capistrano, Friend of the oppressed, Mr. Fox. He has many names, but no matter what he is called, Senor Zorro is a character who will withstand the test of time. The character of Zorro, is more of a title, being passed down to younger generations to continue seeking justice. But, when he was originally written, he was the alter ego of Don Diego Vega. Zorro was created by Johnston McCulley for a short story in the magazine All-Story Weekly. Only a year after his creation, a feature film based off his short stories was created. The character of Zorro rose to popularity in the 1940s, when Hollywood remade The Mark of Zorro, and inspired the creator to create more stories. With that, Zorro’s popularity continued to rise and he became the famous hero that we all know and love. Don Diego Vega is the son of Don Alejandro Vega, born the southern Californian town of Pueblo de Los Angeles. Don Diego is well known due to his father’s wealth, it is stated in The Mark of Zorro, the first appearance of this character, that he “came from a family of blood that ruled over thousands of broad acres, countless herds of…show more content…
Don Diego plays the role of a timid man, who does not care for violence. He knew that with this clever trick, he would not become a suspect of the masked Zorro. When meeting with Sergeant Gonzales, Don Diego’s friend and one of Zorro’s targets, he tells him that he does not “have a reputation for riding like a fool at risk of my neck, fighting like an idiot with every newcomer, and playing the guitar under every woman’s window-like a simpleton” (McCulley, 5). When he is Don Diego Vega, he portrays himself as a studious man who has little interest in bloodshed and fighting. But when he is Senor Zorro, he is a brave and confident man who likes making fools out of his
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