Character Analysis: The Dallas Cowboys

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With Orlando Scandrick done for season, there is only one attitude to have…NEXT MAN UP! Yes losing our most reliable guy in our secondary was not something any of us anticipated nor happy about. But as always with the National Football league we have to expect the unexpected. Unfortunately injuries play a huge part in this game, especially if you are the Dallas Cowboys. Or so it seems anyways. As Orlando laid there in pain, and wiping his tears from his face. I think everyone knew that it wasn 't good. His fellow teammates of #32 watched in agony. "You know that 's a guy who 's been playing some great football for us…one of our leaders on the back end." Carr said. It 's unfortunate for him to go down in practice . Our attention…show more content…
Just last week the Green Bay Packers lost their number one star receiver, to yet another ACL injury. But you have to focus, regroup, and keep moving. Undrafted second year corner Tyler Patmon is the next man up in my opinion The Cowboys also seem to be quite fired up about him as well. The Cowboys cannot replace Scandrick, but Patmon seemed to impress players and coaches alike this training camp. Coach Garrett said "He has a lot of the same traits that Orlando has, his strengths are the instinctive way that he plays, his ability to make plays, just has an overall good feel for the game. He is a great competitor. He 's feisty, he fights, he battles and scratches and claws, so we are going to give him an opportunity in there…show more content…
I am deeply concerned at the loss of Orlando and I think that goes without saying however I will say I am really excited to see who is going to really step up to the challenge. The Cowboys are at a time that we need to win and we need to win now. Tony Romo and others don 't have a whole lot of healthy seasons left, and that is just the cold hard truth. We don 't have time to spend multiple years trying to mold a player. We need a player that is going to come into a position and fight everyday to help get his team to a championship. A well overdue and much deserved championship. Season could not come any faster at this point. Oh and in case anyone was starting to question the subject, Dez still caught it. 2 weeks
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