Character Analysis: The Day Huck Goes To School

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Monologue: The Day Huck Goes to School Jim had brought some paint from Tom’s Aunt Polly over to Widder Douglas. I snuck him some pie and crackers from the kitchen, and I met him in the barn. We feasted on that. Jim doesn’t get sweets too often, so he was much obliged to me. I gave him the big piece. It was an apple pie, and the widder Douglas makes a powerful pie. Jim was worried Aunt Polly might sell him, and I was worried about going to school. “Say, Jim, did you ever have to go to school? “ I never thought about where he lived before Aunt Polly. I knew he never went in St Petersburg. “You’re mighty lucky, Jim. I went today. It’s fearsome awful. And heck, I have to go tomorrow. And the day after that. A body can’t stand that much work.…show more content…
But that wasn’t the worst. I had to wear shoes, Jim. My toes were like to get rubbed off. That leather, Jim, it hurts a body like mine. My feet need to breathe. And my hair! She combed my hair, Jim, and I thought she was going to pull it out. My face was scrubbed under the pump. Losing all that dirt was bad, Jim. It protects a body. And then she brought me to school, so’s I wouldn’t run away. Tom and Joe, and the other boys, were playing marbles, but I didn’t have any. Widder Douglas doesn’t believe in marbles. One of the marbles hit Becky Thatcher, and she cried. It warn’t my fault, but the master blamed me. Some things never change. If there’s a problem, it’s always Huck did
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