Character Analysis: The Devil In The White City

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H.H Holmes confessed, “I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing”. During this time Holmes was growing to be America’s first recorded serial killer and taking place in the tail end of the Industrial Revolution, technology and architecture improved to new levels. Much like Holmes, life in the city was chaotic. Chicago at the time was moving to a more industrialized society. Architecture was becoming a booming business. Skyscrapers were being constructed among other new buildings, and in the midst of the already progressive city, Chicago had been elected as the host for the Columbian Exposition. The fair would take up a large park in the city and bring people from around the world to experience a new social and cultural event. Beside the hectic fair was violence within the city. Death was normal in a growing place like Chicago. In Erik Larson’s novel, the World Fair uplifts …show more content…

They may argue that the World Fair created a safe and peaceful gathering during the 19th Century Chicago. The fair was a chance for Chicago to show its “spirit” and pride. The citizens committee passed a passage that read, “The men who have helped build Chicago want fair, and having just and well-sustained claim, they intend to have it” (Larson 16). Society was full of pride and were influenced to better their lives and pursue the American Dream. However, the chaos and violence that ensued in the city did not reflect the perfect American Dream. Danger, death and selfishness was still prominent in the

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