Character Analysis: The Dollhouse

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The Sandman – The Dollhouse starts off being told by the third person narrative. It’s a casual conversation between a group of serial killers before proceeding begin. The writer makes use of metaphors and uses lyrics from a song “these boots are made for walking” to make the tone of the text casual. The text is based on conversations between different groups at the convention therefore making it an incoherent text which is hard to understand as it doesn’t follow one conversation. The writer make use of so many metaphors which makes the text casual and comical in a sense that it’s a convention for serial killers. The use of repetition is also evident in the text with word such as “steak”, ‘dead’ and the phrase ‘has anyone seen the family man’. The use of collocation cohesions with words such as ‘killer, ‘dead’, ‘murder’, ‘killed’, ‘die’, and…show more content…
We went by boat. When we go there we played for a while and then had our picnic. Once it was time for us to go home we realized that the boat had already gone and we were left stranded. I became emotional and started to cry as I so badly wanted to go home. My friend Simon had an idea and suggested that we use pebbles to spell out the word h.e.l.p on the shore. While collecting pebbles for our word we sang the song the dwarfs sang in the popular children’s fairy tale Snow White,’ Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work we go’, while we collected pebbles to spell out the word h.e.l.p. Once we were done, we sat on the shore as we were certain that my mother and father would by now undoubtedly have been worried, and would have notified the officials to send out a search party for us. While sitting on the shore a helicopter emerged in the sky and saw the h.e.l.p sign we made out of pebbles. This excited us so much that we all unanimously screamed ‘help’ as loud as we could. The helicopter dropped its ladders and we scrambled up to

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