Mr. Hundert's Character In The Emperor Club

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In the beginning of the movie The Emperor club the first character you meet is Mr. Hundert. His role in the movie is a vital character, who is a professor at an all boys school called St. Benedict's Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts. While watching the movie you realize that Mr. Hundert character is ethical character, who usually thinks about his actions and how it will affect his students. Mr. Hundert principles and virtue was being tested when he got a new student name, Sedgewick Bell. Throughout the movie, Mr. Hundert developed a caring relationship with Sedgewick; he developed that type of relationship with Sedgewick because he felt the need to constantly help him for him to do better and act right. Mr. Hundert helped him checked out a…show more content…
After Senator Bell had the meeting with Mr. Hundert, he called his son to inform him that he had wasted his time going to his school to meet Mr. Hundert because of Sedgwick’s behavior. Mr. Hundert realized that Sedgewick behavior slightly changed after his father called him, so Mr. Hundert decided to take Sedgwick under his wing, and become a father figure to him and mentor him. Sedgewick behavior throughout the movie was proven to be unethical and unprincipled. His action during both the Mr. Julius Caesar Contest showed that it was all about his self-interest, egoism, and no one else. In the first competition he had flash cards in his toga, so every time he would forget the answer, he would pretend to rub his forehead but really looking inside his toga at the answers, and then respond to the answer. In the second reenactment of the seventy-third annual Mr. Julius Caesar competition was held at Bells Liberty, Sedgwick Bell's estate. During the reenactment competition Mr. Hundert realized that Sedgewick had an ear pierce is his ears and was listening to someone giving him the answers while Mr. Hundert question the men. So, what Mr. Hundert did to get back at Sedgewick was ask him "Who was Shutruk-Nakhunte?", and Sedgewick did not know the answer, so once again he lost the competition. Sedgewick never learned to loose or accept his mistakes, which showed an act of egoism
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