Character Analysis: The Faces In The Mirror

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“The Faces in the Mirror” excerpt from Gods Like Us by Ty Burr asks readers why they are so engrossed with celebrities when they are human beings just like everybody else. Ty Burr has readers think about the bigger idea that it has been a cultural obsession with celebrities for many years and will be in the future. Burr asks many questions to the reader and would make them question themselves; what is it about celebrities that they love or hate so much and why do they try to aspire to become just like them? The celebrity obsession has been around since the early 1900s and it is not going away anytime soon. Burr mentions that the sad part about being a celebrity is not being able to be unrecognized and just be treated like a normal person.…show more content…
Everyone wants to become a mirrored image of these celebrities and have everything that their ideal celebrity has. He states on how fans like to dress like their favorite celebrities in movies, or even grabbing at their clothes when a celebrity is only a few feet away. People who aspire to be so much like their favorite celebrities would even go through surgery to have a face just like their ideal. Burr’s wondered how these people felt when they came out of surgery and realized that they are the same person they were before the surgery. However, if we do not want to be like certain celebrities, we still want to look at these celebrities and think on how we would never want to be like them. Burr states that Hollywood made their actors and characters is movies more realistic so that we would want to either be just like them or become better than them. In the end of Burr’s excerpt, he asks many interesting questions to the reader.
Why do we go through the obsession and who are we? What kind of people we are and why do we go through so much effort to see celebrities in their works, just to go home and talk about their flaws on social media? Do we make up social media or does social media make us who we are? Why can we not stop ourselves from doing all of

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