Character Analysis: The First Stone

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Forgiving someone is one of the best things you could do. However, for you to forgive someone, you must accept what has happened and be ready to move on. Forgiving someone gives them an opportunity to redeem themselves, and allows them to move on as well. By accepting the past, you might find reasoning within the mistakes of the others, and give you as better understanding of how you should act. Forgiveness is a large part of The First Stone, and within the story is a valuable lesson: By forgiving someone, you are allow both yourself and the other person to move on and grow, as well as allowing you to look back in an unbiased way. By giving someone a second chance, you have bestowed upon them an opportunity to make up for their past mistakes, …show more content…

Throughout The First Stone, many characters’ personalities and general attitudes toward things change due to the experiences. The most drastic change in personality goes to Reef. Reef went from delinquent to a productive member of society, all because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This allowed Reef to experience the life of rehab, and realize the error of his ways. The North Hill home allowed Reef to share his stories and learn from his mistakes. All of this is because he had been given a forgiving sentence, giving him a second chance. Frank Colville was once a criminal, one who “...had a rap sheet as long as his arm.” (Aker 119) But despite all this, he still managed to kick his drug habit and become a productive citizen who spends his time helping teens in need. This goes to show that even the most disorderly of criminals can still do great things if given a second chance. Even though Scar was a good student, her father, a dealer, makes her deal for him. In the end, Scar leaves Halifax to go to Toronto to pursue post-secondary education. Leaving Halifax also means leaving her father as well as the stuff she had done in the past. The opportunity to move out of Halifax gave Scar a chance to become a beneficial member of society and to secure her future. As shown by these examples from The First Stone, no matter what someone may have done, there is a way for them to make up for it. By making up for it, they are benefiting both themselves as well as

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