Character Analysis: The Giver

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As the sled came to a stop, Jonas went flying forward trying to protecting Gabe from the impact that was soon to come. With a thump when he hit the ice cold snow. When he lifted his head up he realized he had gone in one big circle. He was back at the community. When he tried to get up off the snow to go to and explore the community that had a bunch of new memories, he only found himself back on the snow face first. After several times of attempting to get up, he realized that it was time he quit. He couldn’t go any further with Gabe on on his back and the bitter cold snow pounding like a drum against his face. When he looked up one last he saw green and red lights. And in the house that had green and red lights everywhere, there was a person waving at Jonas and Gabe. And it was the Giver. The Giver knew that if and he were to attempt at saving Jonas and Gabe it would be useless. They would die anyways, but that didn’t stop him from doing the right thing.…show more content…
I got you.” The Giver screamed to Jonas in the cold, and icy snow storm as he opened his back door that Jonas never noticed before.. He scooped up Gabe on his back and helped Jonas up and both of them started to pace towards the house. Jonas collapsed once he made into the warm and dry house. The Giver scooted Jonas over to the warm fire place and got him and Gabe hot chocolate. The Giver made every effort he could to save them and it certainly payed off. Both of them survived. Both of them would live to see another day. Both of them would be free. But most importantly, they would loved. Sooner or
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