Character Analysis: The House Of The Scorpion

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In the story of The House of the Scorpion the main character is Matt and he is a clone. This story takes place somewhere in the future, in Mexico, and in a country called Opium. Matt has never met anyone other than Celia, until he gets to Opium. Throughout the story for Matt being a clone is a bad thing but the only thing that helps him is being owned by El Patron. El Patron is the ruler of Opium so everyone has to listen to everything he says. After all the adventures Matt goes through he ends up coming back to Opium and reuniting with his loved ones. Throughout the story, the main character Matt had experienced many things that affected him mentally and physically. Towards the beginning of the story when the people of Opium find him and find out who he is they treat him with disgust. One of the maids, Rosa had to care for him but she treated him like a pig. Matt had to sleep in a shack far from the main house just because he was a clone. To the people of Opium clones are bad and so they don’t get the same privileges as the regular people. The only person that treated Matt well was a girl named Maria and she adored him. Matt and Maria became very close in the book. Maria eventually has to go to a boarding school with all girls and so she will only see Matt on occasions. They were both sad about this but she ended up coming back…show more content…
The story claimed, “At last!” she cried flinging her arms around him. “Have you missed me?”(page 206). I can connect with Maria because there has been times when I have not seen my friends or a family member in a long time and it feels good to reunite with them. The story also stated, “I love you,” Matt said. “I love you too,” said Maria. “I know that’s a sin and I’ll probably go to hell for it,” (page 22). On this I can connect to Matt because he is sacrificing his life for her and I have been in a position like that but it was not as
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