Character Analysis: The House On Magnolia Street

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The Owens women have been blamed for all the bad things that have happened in town. No one ever dared to visit the Owens women during the day. The only time a person would come to the house is when he/she needed help. Women came to the aunts’ house during the night when no one could see them. A woman would ask the aunts to help her by making someone fall in love with her. This is the aunts’ speciality. Although the house on Magnolia Street has an eerie atmosphere, two little girls live in the attic. The girls’ aunts decide to help raise them when their parents die in a fire. Their parents were too in love to notice the smoke and sparks inside the house while they were on their second honeymoon. Sally and Gillian have a close relationship despite…show more content…
The other children think they are witches and can cast spells on anyone they please. One night a woman came to the aunts’ house to have a married man fall in love with her. They give her a charm and warn her, but she is too controlled by love to listen to the warning. She is not happy with the result of the charm, and she is sad for most of her life. Sally and Gillian vow never to be ruled by their passion. When Gillian becomes a little older, she decides to runaway from the house. Sally is against her decision but allows her to leave anyway. Soon after, Sally marries a man named Michael. They have two daughters named Antonia and Kylie. Even though life seems wonderful for Sally, Michael, and their two daughters, the deathwatch beetle is found beside Michael’s chair. After they see the beetle, Michael soon dies. Sally is devastated and refuses to speak a word. The only thing that keeps her motivated is phone calls from Gillian. One day after seeing Antonia getting pushed down by a boy, Sally decides it is time to move away from the aunts’ house in Massachusetts. Antonia and Kylie were not happy about Sally’s decision, but Sally wants her children to have a normal
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