The Invisible Man Hg Wells Book Report

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The invisible man

INRODUCTION: THE INVISIBLE MAN by: Henbert George Wells or also called h.g wells he was an English author, and the best work of him are the science fiction genres and he also known as “the father of science fiction” and the invisible man is published by lampara publishing house inc. This book all about the man that are invisible that wraps with bandages from head to foot to cover or hide the inch of his face and they wear a large hat , gloves and blue eyeglasses. The man demand himself to or to left alone that man was also did experimental investigator to hide the face on him that temporarily discolored his face and all the body of him from the accident and their hand was cut
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kemp , a former college professor whom he recognizes from the university where he studied. He reveal to kemp the details of his experiment and assumes the doctor will be interested and be willing to help him , however upon reading accounts of his insane action in the town kemp betrays hi trust and turn him over to the police.

ANALYSIS: The strength of this book is in our life there are many struggle or problem in life but all we need to do is to face it to learn something that maybe change you in a positive or a good way because of that experience in our life like the book of the invisible man we pick us some moral lesson then that book show the good behavior, personality of the people like even though they not know him they help him, then good or the benefit of this book illustrated and set in easy to read large fort, this collector’s edition can be enjoyed by young readers and by generation to come. The weaknesses of the story is not unbelievable because the main character is invisible then this story show the betrays because of the money or because you thinking only yourself or your own good, this book are some people are scare on the main character because of his action that become more violent means to overthrow the established of the
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