Brydon's Life In Henry James The Jolly Corner

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Henry James was a very famous author in the early 1900s and one of his famous stories is called "The Jolly Corner." The story is about a man named Spencer Brydon who returns to New York after being in England for a long time. The story is actually based off of Henry James's life and how he returned to America after many years. Brydon returns to his old house and another house that he owned. He had inherited both houses while he was away. He starts to think about the life he left behind and the life he could of had. The apartment building and the house on the "jolly corner" played important roles in his life and helped him discover his true self. In the story "The Jolly Corner", Henry James uses the main character's two old properties and the…show more content…
It was located on the "jolly corner" and it had a special place in Brydon's heart. Brydon was drawn to the house because it was filled with childhood memories and his adventures. When he was walking throughout the house, he pictured all the times that he had in the rooms. It states in the story, "...he had yielded to the humor of seeing again his house on the jolly corner, as he usually, and quite fondly, described it-the one in which he had first seen the light, in which various members of his family had lived and had died, in which the holidays of his over schooled boyhood had been passed..." The house that was on the jolly corner was the house he grew up in. It made him who he was. The house represents the man he is. He is a man that enjoys the beauty of things and the memories of who he was. He enjoyed seeing the real side of things. The two buildings were very different and Brydon looked at them very differently. "The contrast between the two buildings, one that Brydon appreciates for its beauty, and one that he uses for its financial possibilities, also mirrors the two different paths Brydon's life might have taken"(Haralson). Brydon appreciates the house on the corner for its beauty and the memories he has in the house and he didn't care about the money that the other house offered. He cared more about the beauty and memories. The house symbolizes the path that Brydon went down on. It symbolizes the real Brydon and the life that he created for himself and owned up
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