Character Analysis: The Lynching Of Jube Benson

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The lynching of Jube Benson The Short story, “The lynching of Jube Benson”, by the African-American writer Paul Laurence Dunbar, takes place in the southern parts of the USA in the 1900s, which is at the same time as the emancipation of the slaves. More accurately, the story takes place in Gordon Fairfax’s library, where three men were present; Handon Gay, who is an educated reporter, Gordon Fairfax, who is an library owner and Doctor Melville, who is a doctor. The author collocate these three men at jobs which is powerful in the society. The story is about a white narrator, Doctor Melville, who explains, to the two others, that he has been involved in a lynching of his black friend, Jube Benson. Unfortunately, false accusations were made against…show more content…
The frame is seen, as there is a story within a story. This is seen when the narrator tells the story about the Jube Benson lynching, to the two other men in the library. The doctor starts his story by saying “… upon his cigar and began: I can see it all very vividly now” (page 2, lines 16-17) and ends it by saying “Gentlemen, that was my last lynching” (page 7, line 27). The frame gives the story to tell different stories by different narrators, which somehow relates to each other. The main story is the three men sitting at the library and talking, while the sub story is the story within the frame, which is the story of the lynching of Jube Benson. The main- and sub stories main events are both arranged chronologically, because the incidents are arranged in the order of time, where one occurrence comes after another. The two men, Handon and Gordon, contribute to pacing the story by wanting Doctor Melville to tell the story of his experience with the lynching of Jube Benson, “Tell us about it” (page 2, line 12) and “the men drew their chairs eagerly up to the doctor’s” (page 2, line 14). This shows that they pace the story that makes the sub story

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