Character Analysis: The Marble Champ

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Lupe Medrano a shy girl who was bad at sports, wanted to be the marble champ. Lupe is the main character in the story “The Marble Champ” by Gary Soto and she is a great role model and that can be hard because not everyone is a role model. She is a role model because she is hardworking, a good sport, and she is very intelligent. The first and one of the best reasons that Lupe is a role model is because she is a hard worker. For example Lupe was determined to win the marble tournament. So she started to squeeze an eraser for hours building her muscles up. So her shot and accuracy could help her win, which would help her think she is as good at sports as anyone else. In addition she did push ups on her fingers making her finger more powerful to help, which is a hard thing to do. Secondly, Lupe ran home threw her backpack down with her homework and dashed straight up to her room to practice setting aside school which she loves, to practice that's surprising. Also, Lupe worked so hard her thumb became swollen with muscle showing she tried hard on every practice shot and exercise. Second reason Lupe is a role model is she is a good sport. For instance, Lupe is a good sport because the story said “ She beat her first opponent easily, and felt sorry for the girl because she didn’t have anyone to cheer for her” and…show more content…
Lupe is super smart she has won many awards proving she is intelligent. Lupe won many awards, but I think the one she will most remember is the day she got a small trophy from the major for not missing a day of school, except for a day in kindergarten when she got stung by a wasp. She is a straight A student. Won the school’s spelling bee champion, winner of the reading contest at the library three years in a row, won blue ribbon award in the science fair, top student at her piano recital, and the playground grand champion in chess. All those achievements prove that she is very
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