Character Analysis: The Marino Mission

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Has anyone in your family or any close loved ones ever kept a secret away from you? In the novel The Marino Mission, in the beginning of the book we meet Alexa who goes to visit Nicaragua with her mother than later on finds herself in a sticky situation. Alexa’s mission is Difficult. Alexa’s mission is clandestine. Alexa’s mission excludes secrecy because of molecular biology, swabbing DNA, and curiosity. Under those circumstances, Alexa went back to the molecular biology lab to find a way to determine the relations between the dolphins. She became more interested in Molecular Biology and her father became excited that Alexa finally took interest in Molecular Biology. “To help feed her curiosity, he faxed several papers to her” ( Chapman,…show more content…
Alexa decides to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to leave early but before she heads out the door she emails her friend Laurie who lives across the world to give her more detail about the mission her and Jose are doing.“Then he asked me if I would meet him at the library at 6 A.M” ( Chapman, Page 87).
Anyone could argue that Alexa’s mission isn’t clandestine, but however Alexa email’s laurie everyday and tells her what her and Jose are doing everyday. Laurie knows about the cells and tells her boss at CNN about the dolphin cells. I found an article that on google, that relates to The Marino Mission because it's based on how dolphins being captive. “He also maintains that many of the dolphins suffered from psychosis” (Russo, the dodo). Although some people might have different opinions whether the mission is clandestine or not, but in my opinion I strongly believe that their mission is clandestine.
Therefore, in my opinion the marine mission is clandestine because of how they're seeking around to see each other and find more information about the dolphins. Would you ever keep something away from your family or friends if you were helping a
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