Human Relationship In The Film Her By Spike Jonze

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When science fiction meets the drama of love something really interesting and original can happen. This is the case of Spike Jonze movie, "Her". Although the plot is not particularly developed, it is a very complex movie because of the questions it arouses. The science fiction scenarios and the human-machine relationship intersect with the romantic-dramatic story, which is still based on the deep emotions that everyone can try beyond technology. During the movie the audience is involved into the vortex of that relationship that at first seems absurd, then almost possible, until you get to believe that a human-software relationship can easily exist, and in the end it goes back being paradoxical and it leaves thousands questions to the audience.…show more content…
Theodore’s only human relationship is the one with the friend Amy. The relationship man-machine is much closer. Computers come into physical and psychological contacts with humans through earphones that keep them informed about everything and entertain them, almost guiding men. Video games are in three dimensions and no longer require the use of joystick. The encounter between two worlds, almost between two consciences, occurred. The love between Theodore and Samantha cannot be physical, but it can be felt. On top of everything, however, the movie “Her” shows the difficulty of human beings to understand and love each other. The idea behind the relationship between a man who is divorcing and an operating system is to tell the possible difficulty of contemporaries of having intimate relationships in a virtual reality. On this, “Her” plays wonderfully with our preconceptions by anticipating their limitations and foreseeing the consequences. The love story between Theodore and Samantha reveals how one person can easily fall for an algorithm rather than for a human being; emotions and thoughts of an artificial inteligence can be more authentic and understandable; and physical needs can be easily irrelevant in a sincere love. Indeed, it is when the operating system will look for a body to materialize itself that the relationship falls apart unvealing that, despite everything, human being’s role cannot be replaced within a relationship. We can play a videogame, listen to music, be connected online, but at the end of the day the relationship with other human beings is what can make us understand the difference between men and

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