Character Analysis: The Princess Bride

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“The Princess Bride” is considered among the leading books that have gained superiority around the world as a result of its concrete information that rotates around marriage, friendship and love. It also relates to the issues of leadership inheritance within the society. This book contains various strong characters that mainly perform various scenes and plots.
There are five main characters that mainly appear in almost all the scenes and the role they play is crucial to develop the settings and readers expectations. These characters include characters such as Westley, Humperdinck, Buttercup, Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya. Considering Westley, he can represent the concept of love and careering. For instance, through the book and the film in general if we analyzed them we will see the virtues. First, Westley performed all his activities to his best making sure that Buttercup would realize the love he had towards her (Morgenstern,
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For instance, if Westley could have die and never resurrect, it would mean that Humperdinck would have not contester in his quest to marriage Buttercup, there will be no opposition to him and in all-purpose will be the end of the story. However, since he resurrected we can see the competition for love in progress till Westley manages to defeat Humperdinck and wins the love of Buttercup and it is when the story is brought to an end (Morgenstern, 354-355). According to the way this book is written it is quite clear that work of literature is really growing in terms of development and maturity. The personal dialogues which have been used in this book is very lively and keep the reader interested in the next scenes and in what will happen to the characters (Neuman, 2016). This has greatly motivated people to be willing to continue reading the book so as to get full information on what happened to every particular
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