Character Analysis: The Red Tent

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The Red Tent is a book by Anita Diamant where she describes life as seen through the eyes of Dinah, a daughter among eleven brothers. We see the story through the eyes of Dinah. She describes how her and her mother’s lives were considering her father had four wives. Their names were: Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilbah. Dinah takes us through her experiences from childhood, through puberty, all the way to adulthood. Her story takes place in ancient Mesopotamia. We go on this journey with her that takes us from her going to “The Red Tent” where women go during their monthly cycles, or when they feel ill, or even when it came to giving birth. “The Red Tent” was the equivalent of what people think of the “barbershop” for men. It was a place where…show more content…
Throughout the novel, Dinah was in a predominantly male world. Being the only girl that was born out of 12 kids really put her in a bit of a pickle. She was raised to be at her mother’s side, cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking. She, was born in a time where people often saw her as the one to be in charge of the housework and was expected to provide care for brothers and her father. In these times, women had little say on what they wanted to do, men spoke for them and they basically had to obey what they were told, or face…show more content…
I’m not sure what loosing a child feels like and I hope I never have to know, but this song would probably be something that I would like to hear in that scenario. It seemed like the kind of melody that could calm the nerves.
This takes us to when she was first experiencing her love stage. Like any young woman her age, she started to fall for the prince of Shechem, Shalem. As we read in the book, a young woman falling in love is a sign of early womanhood. She was flooded with all these emotions that quickly lead her to fall in love with Shalem. The attraction that she shares with Shalem’s mother makes it easy for Dinah and Shalem to spend more time together. After they become affectionate, Shalem begins to call Dinah his wife.
Dinah and Shalem become sexually active and becomes pregnant. After giving birth to her son, she needed to give him to Re-nefer against her will. She did however have a part in raising him. She was, however, his nurse, instead of his
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