Character Analysis: The Screwtape Letters

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Kylieann McFadden 11/1/17 Mrs. Kois Character Analysis Screwtape - A devil and the fictional author of The Screwtape Letters. Screwtape is an experienced tempter. He has been assigned, or perhaps , to give his nephew Wormwood advice about how to win the soul of an unnamed British man the Patient into Hell. Screwtape often refers to Wormwood, his nephew, with terms of endearment. By his own account, Screwtape has won many souls for Hell. He seems to be a mid-level bureaucrat within Hell’s corporate structure. Sometimes, the reader learns, Screwtape undergoes a sudden transformation into a giant millipede. There are far higher-ranking devils then Screwtape but Screwtape is apparently important enough to have his own secretary, Toadpipe,

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