Character Analysis: The Secret Life Of Bees

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A hero is someone who is able to suffer while someone else is happy. They are both spirited and courageous. In the novel The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily is a young girl who shot her mother accidentally when she was only four. Her father abused her on a weekly basis as a result. With this Lily felt ashamed and unloved. She was able to accept her actions and grow from them. In the novel The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus, King of Ithaca, was sent to go fight in the Trojan War after the war was over he had to return to his Kingdom. He had a ship and dozens of men and he was on these journey for numerous years. Lily compared to Odysseus, is a hero by having a strong mental capacity to deal with difficult situations and is able to achieve her goals while being abused by her father. Lily, as a young girl, picked up a handgun and pulled the trigger accidentally killing her mother.…show more content…
She has put others before herself since a young age. Lily, a selfless hero, has had suicidal thoughts since she was a little girl. With her mother being gone her father, T-Ray, has taken out all of his anger on her. In the novel it states “ That night I lay in bed and thought about dying and going to be with my mother in paradise” (Kield pg 3). In this moment Lily has finally revealed the pain she has felt for a number of years. These thoughts Lily has indicates the pain she has had all throughout her life. She misses her mother and wishes she had someone to look up to. A four year old should not be thinking these thoughts. Her father doesn't love her and abuses her on a daily basis for making little mistakes. Lily feels alone and worthless. If Lily had at least one parent to love her but she would feel happier. She has no one to talk to, she doesn't have a mentor to tell her it’s all going to be ok and that one day you will be happy again. Instead, she feels broken and weak from the situation she is put

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