The Skin I Live In Essay

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“The Skin I Live In” Looking from the film title “The Skin I Live in,” and the film poster which presents a gentleman behind a bald woman looks frightened covered with mask, the first image of this film that I got is a cliché horror-thriller film selling disgusting scenes—cutting the body and showing blood splashing which have in general horror film. However, it does not like my expectation; likewise, it is totally beyond what I have expected. The director Pedro Almodovar can make audiences feel creepy without these things. First of all, I will defend that I am a person who is always attracted by picture; that is why I love the pleasing pictures and composition in this film. Pedro uses blue tone to cover all along the film is not only raising…show more content…
The ending is outstanding and we can say that it is a selling point of this film: the twist ending. It shocks the audiences when the story reveals that Vera and Vicente is the same person, but somehow some people can guess that the film will end up like this since the middle of the story. Actually, if we watch the film closely, you will see the clue hidden throughout the film. We can observe from the scene that Vicente talks to Christina about the dress that he wants her to wear, but she tells him to wear it himself; and the scene which shows Vera dreaming about Vicente. The audiences might question why Vera dreams about Vicente or what connection they have. Another obvious clue is the scene that Pedro makes Vicente’s face overlaps with Vera’s face before changing to the next scene. When you watch the ending scene, every clue which you have seen will flow out and makes you are clearer—The light bulb suddenly appears over your head. “The Skin I Live In,” is used as a mirror which we can identify with. After watching it I start to question if I am in the same situation with Vicente, what I will do; Can I still remain the same me when the body has changed and the mind was replaced and conducted by another one? Whether I will completely lose myself and become another person
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