Character Analysis: The Summer Of May

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Imagine living in a world where nothing went your way, everything would always come tumbling down no matter what you do, well in the book The Summer Of May, the author includes challenges that will help build the character into a stronger person. First of all, May has to constantly ask herself the question, if she will ever be the perfect daughter, furthermore she struggles to be the daughter that everyone wants her to be. She has juggle with keeping up her summer school grades, an ill grandma, and very mean dad that she always fighting with. In this part of the book May’s grandma is mad at her for the first time. Here May’s grandma explains. “I know you had a fight gram said. I heard you like always, I shuffled in my seat a little. How could you say something like that to your own father? Now gram was yelling at me”(212). This shows that May has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, because not only was her dad mad at her but now her grandma isn’t even on her side. Those are also her only family members, and both May’s grandma and her dad want her to be a completely different person than she is right now. Even though May is upset she always turns the negative into a positive and knows that her grandma and dad are just trying to help her. Another example of how May struggles to make her family proud is how she constantly has to take care of her ill grandma. In this part of the book May is making an effort to help her grandma, but the grandmas treating her like nothing she

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