Character Analysis: The Watson's Go To Birmingham

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W-O-W Byron sure is one wild ride! In the book The Watson’s go to Birmingham there are two brothers by the name of Byron and Kenny. Byron has hands down shown a tremendous change in his attitude and behavior… Leading to him always wanting to be the instigator of the family, giving his parents, inadequate temper, and at the end he assuredly became courteous and loving to his family. To begin with, Byron was ultimately the main agitator of the ‘weird Watsons’. He continuously caused inconvenience towards mostly all his actions.on page 64 in chapter 15, they communicate that,”Byron got caught lighting matches again and it looked like this time Momma was going to do what she always said she would. She swore to him though that the next time he got caught starting fires she was going to burn him.” He had a mind only one could imagine. Maybe since he was young and fierce he thought he could do anything without anyone ever even going to suspect he was doing anything suspicious or outrageous. In other words, he sure did have one flippant mouth on him it was like he was abusing the 1st amendment using all those foul words.He was one to express anything that came to mind. In chapter 7 on page 89, Momma and Byron debate,”Why on earth would you do this,Byron? I…show more content…
In the sense that Byron always getting in trouble our thoughts may think that he is exhausted of always being punished or have himself tearing apart, exploding like a volcano with a billion emotions. On page 203 in chapter 15, they exclaimed,”Byron let me sniff and wipe my hand across my eyes before he slid my head on the linoleum and stood up.” He is now getting the benefiting side of helping not only others but also his little brother that looks up to him! It's about time he starts showing some respect and affection to whom he truly loves. Maybe he will start showing some of this marvelous behavior towards

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