Character Analysis: The Westing Game By Ellen Raskin

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The Westing Game Essay In the book The “Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin. A guy named Samuel Westing died and, the heirs are paired. They are trying to figure out who murdered him. Every Group has two people and, I think Sydelle Pulaski murdered Samuel Westing because she’s never there when the things are going on like when the two bombs went off and, she is faking the crutch that she doesn’t need for supposedly attention needed. I don’t think she needed that attention I think she would lie to have an alibi. 3 things that make it so that she couldn’t be the murderer is that she says that she only has the crutch because she wants attention. Also she’s nice to everyone and there always people around her because of the crutch. She also can’t be
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