Character Analysis: The Whale Rider

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Who said that life was easy? Sometimes, -almost all times- life pushes us to the limit and presents itself with many challenges. But what do we do when we are faced with a new challenge? Some people might take challenges as if they were just burdens in life -behaving negatively about them- while others tend to consider these experiences as if they were the way of pushing themselves to the limit. They probably seek to transcend themselves and become better persons. In order to do this, people seem to find that it is necessary to fight off certain fears or to work on their flaws so as to overcome the hardships in their path. This might be the case of Walter Mitty in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and Paikea Apirana in the movie “The Whale Rider.” Walter and Paikea find…show more content…
In doing so, he decides to fight his fears so as to be up to the challenge, which ends with him becoming a better version of himself. Similarly, Paikea takes on the demanding labour of becoming the leader of her tribe, which motivates her to focus and work on her flaws so as to improve herself and to become the leader she wishes to be. By working really hard on their insecurities and deficiencies, Walter and Paikea became better versions of themselves. In the case of Walter Mitty, his efforts in working on his lack of self-esteem and inability to socialize with others helped him to become a confident, brave and sociable person. Walter used to be full of fears and an introvert when talking to others. Nonetheless, he decided that he needed to change his ways and surpass his weaknesses so as to become the person he always craved to be. When working as a negative assets manager at Life Magazine, he used to be a shy man, and so he would have few friends and found it hard making new ones. Mitty felt deeply uncertain of himself since he found himself unable to muster up the courage to talk
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