The Winter's Tale Character Analysis

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The Winter’s Tale
Characterization has a strong role in many plays that script writers had written through the many of years plays have been around. Shakespeare has an amazing way of using this technique to bring out the significance of characterization. From Macbeth to Julius Caesar, were just a few of the miraculous plays that he had came up with. “The Winter’s Tale“ is a example that Shakespeare created, to truly show the strong separation and similarities in all characters of the play.
Besides the famous play “Romeo and Juliet,” Shakespeare really focused on history during the two decades he had started playwriting. During this, Shakespeare wrote many genre of plays such as: histories, tragedies, comedies and tragicomedies. Henry VI (Parts
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“My lord, your sorrow was too sore laid on, Which sixteen winters cannot blow away”(V.3.3344) He is telling this to Polixenes where they come upon a sore subject and keeps him calm with a simple statement similar to “sorrow takes time to fix itself.” Camillo plays a wise character which has him stand out from the rest.
Camillo play a caring character really, because of what he goes through to keep Polixenes safe from the jealous rath of Leontes. “He’s irremovable, Resolved for flight. Now were I happy, if…”(IV.4.2456) He is taking to someone about how he is safe from Leontes and that’s all he cares for at the moment. He literally put everyone before himself, fr it was his job in the first place. He went against the wrongly thinking king to risk his life to keep an innocent life same. for that, Camillo is considered the “good guy” of the play.
Polixenes takes the bad of all the characters, for his own best friend “Sir, that’s tomorrow. I am question’d by my fears, of what may chance”(I.2.61) He is speaking to Camillo about the wrong accusation that Leontes has put on him. Camillo tells him he’s okay and gives him an idea of a plan. He seems skittish and fears that it will put him in more danger than he already is in. Leontes is after Polixenes for “sleeping” with his wife. Camillo was send to kill, but turned it around to help, which put himself in
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