Character Analysis: The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Wallpaper becomes a "living", narrating character which tells this story from the perspective of an it-narrative, mainly because of its intensive relationship with the main narrator. Physically, it cocoons the main character, and gradually, over the course of the character's descent into madness, also nears its own destruction until what has been trapped behind the wall, and within the main character, frees itself. Psychologically, the wallpaper in the story, has the role of conversation partner for the nameless character and becomes another narrator, one mirroring and narrating the character's inner life, which can then aids in the narration of what the woman can not say but what needs to be transmitted to the reader in order to make the character understandable (Tischleder 2014: 36).…show more content…
A important part of this transformation is what she sees inside the paper, a being she acknowledges right from the beginning, and the wallpaper stares right back and becomes a main focus of her otherwise underutilized mind (Gilman 1997: 1-15.). Over time she begins to see eyes which stare back at her, sees something moving behind the patterns, and slowly, over the course of the journal entries, this movement becomes another character she begins to interact with while steadily descending in a worse and worse mental state (Gilman 1997: 1-15.). This is what creates the impression of "life", what enables the paper to be counted among the it-narrative, and what, in the end, enforces the impact of the main characters transformation throughout the story by transforming right along
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