Character Analysis Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis
There are many characters that have exploited the qualities of a good leader, but I think that Joe Starks is the character that exploits the most to his benefit. Joe comes to Eatonville with nothing, but a dream and three hundred dollars. Joe won over the heart of Janie because he explained what he wanted to do and what his goals in life were and Janie wanted to be a part of that. Joe goes to Eatonville and demands there to be change. The leadership qualities that Joe possesses are delegation, communication and confidence. One of the qualities that Joe possesses is delegation. First of all he has his wife, who he delegates to take care of the all of the day to day transactions. While Janie was the face of the store, Joe was the brains behind the operation. He knew exactly what to do to make
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You need to be able to communicate your ideas to them and not only that, but be able to talk to them and have a decent human conversation. They need to know the more talkative side of their leader. Joe showed his communication skills by actually going out and getting to know everyone in his small town. “Go fetch me de checker-board and de checkers. Sam Watson, you’se my fish.” (Hurston, 75). This showed that Joe did interact with his followers in a human way and not in a corrupt way. Now the qualities of a leader are demonstrated by Joe in this book are as follows. He has shown that he is more than capable to be the leader of the town of Eatonville, but the person that I think he shares the same qualities with is Howard Shultz. Howard Shultz came from a poor neighborhood growing up in the Bronx. Now we don’t know what Joe’s background is, but based on how he had big dreams I can only assume it was the same. Now Howard Shultz ended up growing up and becoming the CEO of Starbucks. Joe ended up becoming mayor of Eatonville. They both share common qualities and the desire to dream big.

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