Catch Me If You Can Character Analysis

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n Hermann En-097 Prof. Andrew Lussky October 8 2015 Two Mice in a Bucket of Cream The movie Catch Me If You Can is based on the life story of the world’s infamous imposter Frank Abagnale, who was known for his clever scams and job impersonations of an Airline pilot, Doctor, Lawyer, and School Teacher, he was also an expert at forging checks. In the movie there are many quotes that are repeated several times, and many questions that arise from these quotes, and the entire movie itself. Question #1 One quote from the movie that stuck out to me was “Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse wouldn't quit.…show more content…
As a kid Franks father was his hero and he looked up to him. His father taught him many valuable lessons in life. Frank was very obedient to the advice his father would give him. The influence Frank’s father had on his life can be seen throughout the movie. He loved to watch his dad play people and get them to do what he wanted ( Mapes). We see in the beginning of the movie when Franks dad need to get a suit for Frank. The lady working at the store would not let them in ,because the store was closed, but Frank Sr. used a necklace he found in the parking lot to talk her in to letting them in. Franks relationship with Carl Hanratty was very different from that which he had with his father. Throughout most of the movie Frank was trying to avoid coming in contact with Agent Carl, for fear of being caught. Although there were a few times during the movie that Frank directly called up Carl, and even gave him exact information as to where he was staying that night. When Frank called Carl on Christmas eve Carl new Frank was lonely and needed someone to talk to( Mapes). Even though Carl did not always trust what Frank said. He was still willing to be Frank’s friend. In the later half of the movie after Frank had been captured and was now working for the FBI, you can begin to notice the unique relationship Frank and Carl had. Without each other they would not have a purpose in life, sometimes you
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