Character Analysis: Who Knew She Would End Up In Music Therapy !

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Who knew she would end up in Music Therapy!
It is common for people to have difficulty making important decisions about their future. “What to major”, “should I go to college at all” and “what priorities do I have in my life” are some questions we tend to ask ourselves. Maybe the answer is found after an important event or life experience. For some other people, they end up doing something similar to what their parents did for a living. For example, the daughter of an opera conductor might want to become a soprano singer. Surprisingly, none of these were the definitive deciding factor for Sarah Weibel. Hers was following her grandmother’s advice. Grandma simply told her about how music therapy would fit her skills and she thought that was a great idea. But there is a lot more to the story than simple guidance.

Sarah learned how to play piano and sing thanks to her mother. While Mrs. Weibel was not a professional pianist not a singer, she did learn the basics when she was younger, so she taught Sarah what she knew about music. Sarah learned with ease and continually showcased her musical talent. Her passion for music was so remarkable that her family decided to give her a guitar for Christmas. With a guitar in her hands, the song “Who Knew!” by Pink became the piece she sang the most. For her, it was a defining song that gave …show more content…

Without realizing it, Sarah had developed the some of the much needed skills for music therapy: ability to sing, play piano and guitar, willingness to help people, enthusiasm about sharing musical experiences, the seriousness and dedication towards music and finally, the support from her family to pursue such career path. This way she could fill up her emotional and intellectual needs with music that she loved, as well as helping people get better with charming and compassionate work. It was a perfect fit for

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