Wikus Van Der Merwe Character Analysis

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Characters Wikus van der Merwe Christopher Johnson Koobus Venter
Background/Biographical Description Main protagonist: A white, married man. Has short dark hair with a small moustache. Formal attire. Does change however into a prawn at the end of the film. He loves his wife very much and would do anything for her. Alien. Wanted by the MNU for illegal online activity. Has a child named Oliver or is more formally known as Little CJ. Clearly a position of leadership amongst the aliens and has much higher intellect than the rest of them. Main antagonist: He is a MNU agent, he is always seen in military outfit. Bald white man, very fit and has an unwelcoming look/ feel to him. Is very aggressive.

Character development Develops from a clumsy,
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Wheelchair bound, white male who was once in the marines. Very curious personality. Also has an avatar of his deceased brother who was his last relative and enters the avatar program. Has a likeable personality. Next in line spiritual leader for her tribe of Navi. Has a strong connection with nature and Eywa. She is a very good warrior and cares for her people. She is also able to speak English. Main antagonist. Aggressive, condescending man who is in charge of military operations at the human’s stronghold. Very narcissistic and believes that everything in the planet is out to kill him. He is very strong as he is able to hold his breath for a long time and is able to withstand a lot of pain.
Character development Develops from a selfish marine who at first wanted his legs back into a selfless Navi as he fought for them against the “sky people”. Jake also slowly fell in love with Neytiri as his spiritual and physical training with her developed. In the beginning Neytiri was very hesitant and disliked the human race and felt all humans should be killed however after receiving a message from Eywa, she slowly develops and forms a bond with Jake. Her hatred for all humans fades away as she realises not all humans are murderers. Not much change threw ought the movie. His perception of the Navi stays the same aggressive way. Once Jake turns to the Navi’s side the Colonel has a personal anger towards Jake. He tries everything in
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When Jake smashes the bulldozer’s camera as this shows how he is now turned against the humans and supports the Navi. Another scene is when Jake rides the Turak to the Tree of Souls signifying his importance and gaining the Navi’s trust back. When Neytiri almost shoots Jake with a bow and arrow but opts not to, as she received a sign from Eywa. This shows how her perception of the humans will soon start to change. Another pivotal scene is when Neytiri and Jake connect sexually and fall in love with each other this shows that she truly cares for him, and so does Jake for
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