Character Analysis: Winter Dreams By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“The dream was gone. Something had been taken from him.” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a story titled, Winter Dreams, and in that story there is a main character: Dexter Green. A boy who pursued his dreams to be perfect for one girl. At the beginning, he is a fourteen-year-old boy whose father owns the second best grocery and works for pocket change as a caddy at a golf course. The effect of this cold season, winter has lapsed him into a “profound melancholy.” He encounters an eleven-year-old girl and from then one, his life hasn’t been the same again. The young girls name is Judy Jones. His desires are to have money and of course, be close to it. He owns a successful laundry business, beats his opponent Mr. T. A. Hedrick at golf. Green saw Judy playing golf as she…show more content…
One of which is the girl who changes his life forever and the other is the girls nurse. The young girls ask for a caddy, which happens to be Dexter’s summer jo to make some extra money, and he decides to quit. When his boss shows up, Dexter informs his boss that he is quitting, due to being “too old.” ““The best -- caddy I ever saw,” shouted Mr. Mortimer Jones over a drink that afternoon. “Never lost a ball! Willing! Intelligent! Quiet! Honest! Grateful!” (Shmoop 1.10) For Mr. Jones, a caddy should be those words: willing, intelligent, honest, quiet “and above all, grateful. The class dynamics in the statement are subtle: a caddy is someone who is paid to pick up golf balls and carry clubs around. It’s a job, like any other service position. But Mr. Jones wants the caddies to be grateful for the opportunity he is giving them to help out on the golf course. Why shouldn’t Mr. Jones be grateful to the caddies for saving him the trouble of carrying his own golf clubs! He is the rich guy in the golfer-caddy relationship, he thinks his money should be buying him instant obedience and gratitude” (Shmoop) from his
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