Character Analysis: Wonder By R. J. Palacio

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Why do bullies bully? This is a question many people ask themselves. Why do they do what they do? Well, everyone’s story is different like Julian, the bully in the novel, “Wonder”, by R.J. Palacio. Julian is not someone you would look up to. This is because Julian’s double-sided, he bullies Jack Will and Auggie, and he doesn’t feel remorse.

Julian isn’t someone you want to be like, because for one, he’s double-sided. This is because he starts the ‘boy war’. The boy war was when he turned almost all of the boys against August, a kid who has a craniofacial difference, and Auggie’s new friend Jack Will. That’s just one of his sides. Another reason that Julian is two faced is because he is nice to all adults, even Mr.Tushman,the principal, was tricked and asked Julian
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A reason is that he bullies Jack Will and Auggie. He leaves mean notes in Jack Will and Auggie’s lockers. Also, Julian calls August a ‘freak’ and ‘ork’. He even said, “ You don 't have to be friends with that freak if you don 't want to be, you know. . . .", right before Jack Will punched him. He gets a few kids saying that too, but later on they stopped, thankfully. Julian didn’t though. Lastly, Julian judges August by his look, and not his personality. That’s important because he’s actually very funny and kind. This all shows that Julian is a bully towards Jack Will and Auggie and that he’s not a good role model.

Julian wouldn’t be someone to look up to because he does not feel remorse. An example is that Julian isn’t guilty for calling Auggie names or leaving the mean notes in his locker. Also, Julian thinks it’s actually funny when he makes fun of August and Jack Will. That shows that even though he knows that they feel terrible, Julian doesn’t apologize much less feel remorse. Lastly, Julian doesn’t give Auggie a chance. Julian right away decided that he’s a ‘freak’. All of this explains that he doesn’t feel remorse and that he’s not a good role model to
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