Character And Citizenship Education Case Study

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Character and Citizenship Education: Are these lessons effective?
1. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) serves as a platform for teachers to facilitate purposeful discussions with students to help them clarify, understand and learn about moral and citizenship values and competencies which will equip them for life’s challenges and experiences. 2. For many years now, the CCE programme has been implemented in all schools in Singapore; however, its effectiveness in education has been debated (, 2014;, 2014). 3. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the CCE curriculum is not effective in fulfilling its aim of nurturing values, competencies and dispositions in students to aid them in becoming people of good character and responsible citizens who contribute to society.

4. Teachers regard CCE as a matter of telling and compelling, rather than allowing students to learn through experiences, hence reducing the efficacy of CCE. 5. In Singapore, schools are engaged largely in exhortation and directed recitation. 6. Teachers are instructed to use teaching strategies such as storytelling, role play, experiential learning, classroom discussions and reflection to instil values and equip students with social and emotional competencies and skills related to citizenship. These techniques appear merely innocuous and gimmicky. However, they are manifestations of a model that sees students as objects to be manipulated rather than as learners to
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